Aquamarine Silicate Natural Glass

Aquamarine Silicate Natural Glass

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Aquamarine Silicate:

This is a silicate stone that has been kissed by the Kemetic Sun!  Located in the southern end of the Great Sand Sea in the Egyptian Western Desert, the silica glass field is an astonishing geological wonder.  Very close to the Libyan border, no other place on earth has been found to house the amazing gem-like pieces of yellow-green and blue color that were discovered in that location.  

The exact origin of this tektite material (Tektites are gravel-sized bodies composed of black, green, brown, blue or gray natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts.) is still unknown and scientists speculate that it is the result of the impact of a meteor which would have taken place centuries ago, causing sand to fuse due to the intense heat.   


This glass stone is the hidden element. You have the elements earth, air, fire, water. But there is a hidden one. The glass stone is the energy that holds all of the elements together. It needs earth to contain the cells. It needs air to cool out. It needs fire to become solid. So the stone is connection between the 4 elements this why it is energy. It has divinity and magic that can be felt and to make it look beautiful. It is the strongest element to gather stone to together. This magic stone is the 5th element. The energetic element.  Our ancestors used these stones as a gift for goddess Auset/Isis. It has magic divine feminine energy.  Not a lot of people understand it.  They mine it from the original Auset island in Nubia, Kemet/Egypt.   




a mineral in which the anion contains both silicon and oxygen, especially one of the anion SiO42−.

any of the many minerals consisting primarily of SiO42− combined with metal ions, forming a major component of the rocks of the earth's crust. 92% of earth’s crust contain it.