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Meet Aadei
Aadei Comes from a strong Ghanaian ancestral heritage. Her west African blood line runs deep in the art of healing for the mind, body and soul.  Along with her ancestral roots with alchemy and mysticism she has earned a bachelors degree in metaphysics paired with her licensure as Ordained Minister of Astrotheology.
She specializes in Vedic Astrology as a lifestyle science analyzing Birthstar charts  and using the cosmos to administer self fulfilling prophesies, explore past lives and even create personalized diet plans.  For years she has worked with children, families, couples and individuals aiding them on their spiritual journey to wholeness.
When booking please indicate the following:
Birth date
Birth time
Birth Location
Also include a general description of what you’re most interested in discussing during your session.  Also, please indicate if you’d rather meet at our downtown store front location or virtually via FaceTime or video chat.
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