Sunrise Yoga Meditation on Rooftop @ Ma'ati Spa

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Sunrise Yoga Meditation on Rooftop @ Ma'ati Spa 

First Session is Wednesday, May 8th 2019 at Sunrise!

Arrive 30 min. before Sunrise (check online for exact Sunrise time) 

$5 per person, Normally $10

Things to know: 

Sunrise exact times will vary depending on the time of year, so check online for exact Sunrise time and arrive 30 mins early to get aromatherapy, herbal tea, yoga mats, etc.

We will sun gaze at Sunrise to help manifest our desires. 

Bring you own yoga mat, we have a few extra mats if needed.

Bring a blanket or a cover up (Optional) 

Weather permitting. If inclement weather occurs, sessions will be held inside.

After Session Add ons:  Yoga mats, aromatherapy facial sauna, 5 Star Reception, Set Up, Cold Towel, or Warm Towel

Instructor: Trish-Fit Marsh