*Spa Review Alert* Volta Serene Hotel-Ho, Ghana

Volta Serene Hotel & Spa Resort 
I arrived here late around 8pm it’s about 3 hours from Accra l. I decided to spend the night and visit the spa in the morning. The Resort in general is more of a 3.5 star resort in my opinion, but the view was fantastic! The spa is very small with two tiny rooms and a one-person sauna with steam and dry heat. The massage was very deep pressure, and relaxing. The massage rooms were very basic.

- The staff was very helpful and accommodating. They changed my appointment again and again as I was traveling to them, with no problem. 
- The massage was great.
- I loved the flower/plant wall in the spa, looked gorgeous. 
- My therapist didn’t talk much at all, and was very professional and had lovely energy.

- I sat in the massage chair in the lobby while I waited for my real massage. She didn’t tell me the cost of the chair, I thought it was just an amenity, turns out it cost just as much as the real massage! 🙄
- The sauna & steam was only big enough for one person. 
- The sauna did not get hot at all, I think outside in the sun was hotter. 
- The place looks great in photos but kinda old and a bit run down in person. 
- The pools were not very inviting. I saw them but didn’t want to swim. 🤷🏿‍♀️

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