*Spa Review Alert* The Royal Senchi - Akosombo, Ghana

This place is magical! Located in Akosombo, directly on the Volta River. I went to grab a drink at the bar and saw the most beautiful peacock I’ve ever seen chillin right in front of the bartender! I am big on animal totems, so this was everything for me as peacocks represent prosperity & abundance! I gasp in beauty, shock & complete awww, as it proudly & slowly walks by me. Where I am from we don’t see peacocks just hanging out at the bar! Loved it!

I hopped on the boat to wait out my time before my massage! The water was fresh and flowing as we passed villages with children having fun swimming on the river banks. Music was vibes!

The spa...The customer services was unmatched by all! She first cleaned my feet with a hot towel, felt great! Then gave a wonderful relaxation massage! I tried to stay awake, but my therapist was so kind and gentle she put me straight to sleep! She went above and beyond to make sure I enjoyed my massage! She was so sweet! I met some amazing, beautiful & powerful women in the lobby as I waited. The networking was wonderful!

- This spa was legit 5 Star from the massage to the customer service!
- The hotel was naturally decorated with organic materials & breathtaking design and decor. 
- The river boat ride was the perfect way to kill time before the massage.
- The networking at a place like this super clutch for entrepreneurs! I will definitely be reaching out to the women I met today! 
- The pool was super nice with warm water! Felt like a bathtub!

- The treatment room was not as nice as the hotel was. But it was super clean! 
- She did the entire 1 hour massage with LITERALLY NO MUSIC PLAYING. Was the WiFi out? 🤷🏿‍♀️ We were in the middle of nowhere, so I can understand. 
- No robes offered
- No beverages or refreshments offered 
- No Jacuzzi & No Sauna

I would have loved to enjoy this with my family, instead of solo. But I was finally able to disconnect from the western world and meditate in nature!