*Spa Review Alert* Pure Plage Lomé, Togo

I must say this is NOT a luxury hotel experience. Come here to stay directly on the beach only. It’s sits on a beautiful seemingly untouched beach. It has a lovely restaurant that sits right on the sand! The water is lovely and blue! A great place to come for lunch. I DO NOT recommend actually staying here overnight, the rooms are 2 star at best. When I walked in the room I could feel sand and I had not been to the beach yet. The rooms are good if you are on a budget. It’s more like an upscale hostel experience but with your own space. They also have a pretty cool pool area. The seating on the beach is cozy, edgy and beachy modern. The vegetation is really nice too.

The spa, I’m sorry to say I can NOT recommend. I asked if she could massage me on the beach she told me no. As a spa owner I know that all this takes is a bit of effort to move a massage table and some towels to the sand, what’s the big deal? I even offered to pay more for this. But it was a hard no. 🙄 Then I tell the girl that I’m allergic to coconut oil, and she just tells me that’s all they have, she didn’t even try to look for another oil. I mean maybe they had some olive oil or grape seed oil in the kitchen? But no. 🙄 So I tell her to proceed just don’t touch my face. The massage was mediocre. The hot tub was not working. Neither was the sauna. I told her I had to shower afterwards and she gave me a towel that felt dirty. She literally gave zero 🤬‘s.

👍🏿 You will be directly on a beautiful pristine beach! The waves may be a bit rough so check with a local before you try to swim to make sure it’s the right time of year, please don’t swim alone.
👍🏿 Cheap rates & cheap massages
👍🏿 This place has great potential under different management.
👍🏿 High speed WiFi.
👍🏿 I heard local African drumming in the background right near where I stayed! It was a treat to hear!
👍🏿 It’s close to the Voodoo Fetish Market, a big tourist attraction for people who practice African spirituality.

👎🏿 You can’t walk or sit on the beach at night or you will most likely get robbed. This was told to me by a local who didn’t even want to. The resort sits directly next to the “hood”. So at night chill at the pool on the resort instead. The only security is a guy with a gun and a gigantic dog.
👎🏿 The spa sucks. That is all. Don’t try it.
👎🏿 The spa customer services also sucks to the maximum.
👎🏿 You will have to force the front desk to be helpful. Typical bad customer service for this side of the world. 🙄

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