*Spa Review Alert* Labadi Beach Hotel Spa - Accra, Ghana

This was my favorite spa experience in Ghana. I was attending the Yenko Festival in the hotels ballroom, so skipping over to the spa was a breeze. I stopped at the hotels desert bar before the session. Maybe the most beautiful desert spread I have ever seen. However it looked better than it tasted. 🤷🏿‍♀️ I was able to get a same day appointment with no problem. I choose the massage & full body wrap. When I walked in, I was greeted with a spa robe & slippers then escorted to the dressing room. I waited at the spa’s private pool until my therapist came to escort me to my treatment room. The room was large & newly renovated with it’s own shower. She did my body wrap first & then the massage. The service was top notch & the facility was exceptional, definitely 5 Star. As I was getting my treatment I could hear the DJ playing music at the beach party. The spa is located right in the middle of the hotels pool & the beach. Perfect location for relaxation & fun!

- Amazing facility, brand spanking new & super clean!
- The private pool is pure luxury. I could see the full moon in clear site. 🌚
- Plush spa robes for everyone. 
- My own locker to keep my belongings, with a code entry.
- Really nice treatment rooms. 
- Professional staff in all matching scrubs with logos. 
- The massage tables were huge & comfortable.
- After my massage she wiped the oil off my entire body with a warm towel.

- The body wrap was NOT worth the money. I wish she had done it after the massage instead of before because the product was everywhere! Also I wish she would have really massaged the product on me evenly & in a more relaxing way. She basically just slathered it on me like cake icing, wrapped me up in plastic & left the room for 20 mins. 🙄 Also it was more expensive than the massage.
- I was not offered any beverage or refreshments during the entire stay.
- The music was super loud on the outside of the spa, so I could hear it during my massage, not a huge problem because the DJ was playing some hits! Lol