*Spa Review Alert* HÔTEL 2 FEVRIER, Lomé, Togo

Pure 5 star, luxurious excellence! It’s the tallest building in Lomé. As I pull up in my taxi 3 guards with AK 47’s stop us for a search. I speak up to hurry us along in my deepest American accent they look at me like oh, and let us right on in. The American accent always helps in ritzy places. I speak in whatever accent suits the situation. 🤷🏿‍♀️

Everything was marble! The decor is African futuristic, super modern and contemporary. About 95% of the other hotel guests were African as well and appeared to be SUPER RICH! Expensive clothing, shoes, handbags. I felt inspired! Also, everyone here speaks French! The staff speaks very little English, so be prepared.

The spa was immaculate. She brought me a beautiful spread with organic herbal tea. The locker had a robe, slippers, disposable underwear and a towel. I enjoyed the sauna, then to my treatment room. There were African print accents & details everywhere to remind you that you were in Togo.

I received a 30min. foot reflexology & a warm bamboo anti-cellulite massage, the pressure was almost unbearable however my therapist adjusted to my pain threshold. She first wrapped my feet in a warm towel, which always feels great! The rest was so good I fell asleep! When she was done, she took a warm towel and wiped the oil off my entire body. The spa manager, Anna was a goddess. She helped me every step of the way. The customer service was fantastic. The therapist had on the cutest scrubs, all black w/gold trim. They were all beautiful, hair done with gold accents in their hair and jewelry. Maybe the best customer service I have experienced thus far in West Africa! This spa exceeded my expectations in Lomé! I highly suggest!

👍🏿 The smell in the lobby is the most beautiful smell I have ever smelled in my entire life.
👍🏿 Pure African excellence.
👍🏿 Fantastic customer service.
👍🏿 Excellent cocktails

👎🏿 The spa didn’t pick up the phone, so I had to walk down to schedule.
👎🏿 The food at the pool restaurant was horrible. Go into the city to eat local.

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