*Spa Review Alert* AIRE Ancient Baths NYC

I felt like I was transported into an ethereal ancient thermal bathhouse! Also, EVERYONE HERE IS BEAUTIFUL! From the staff to all the spa guests, how is everyone here attractive? 🤔

First thing, I was escorted to the women’s locker room. The locker had my own code, a robe and some weird looking slippers. I changed into my bathing suit, then they gave me a rubber armband that tells the staff I was getting a massage. I entered into the most beautiful space you can imagine! Everything was completely candlelit, Super relaxing! The aesthetics are NEXT LEVEL! The salt bath had so much salt you couldn’t sink if you wanted to, reminds me of the Dead Sea. They had other gigantic jacuzzis with varying degrees of heat and a super cold plunge pool to balance it out. The sauna smelled of eucalyptus! The spa has a no talking policy which was fantastic! Everyone was in silent reverent mediation and relaxation mode. It was coed, so there were some couples there. The perfect date for sure! Then after enjoying the bathhouse and sauna I was directed to my room.

I entered into the massage area which was a large narrow room with many others getting massages at the same time, with nothing but a curtain separating me for the other clients.

She gave a great massage and when she was done she placed my slipper socks back on my feet for me & placed a warm towel on my bathing suit so when I picked it up, it was nice and warm . Very nice touch!

- The decor and ambiance is to die for! Put this place on your bucket list.

- If you just need to get away from it all, there are no phones and no talking allowed.

- You have to serve yourself the cucumber water and the tea. The tea had no taste and it wasn’t very hot.
- Even the hottest bath wasn’t hot enough for my taste.
- The sauna could have been much hotter as well.


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